Counseling Services


Life is hard. Sometimes it feels like we are being constantly betrayed by our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, and circumstances. It can feel like the stresses of marriage, parenting, work, school, and our own mental health are just too much for us to navigate. Whatever you are dealing with, counseling can help. Simply having someone who can listen, offer support and encouragement, and help ground you back in truth can be the difference between recovery and hopelessness.


Relationships take an incredible amount of work and attention to maintain. Whether you are doing okay and just want to grow more deeply connected, or if things are so bad that it feels like the only possible resolution is divorce, counseling can help. We offer practical tools and strategies to help learn new ways of communicating, set and maintain healthy boundaries, and build and strengthen the foundations of your relationship so that you can find new depths of intimacy with each other. The process takes time, work, and commitment, but I have seen even “irreconcilable differences” overcome when both partners are committed to loving each other and letting go of the negative habits, beliefs, and behaviors that are harming their relationship.

If you are a couple considering marriage or engaged, we offer premarital counseling sessions. I am certified with SYMBIS as well as Prepare/Enrich to guide you in considering marriage to one another, and identifying both your strengths as well as potential challenges along the way.


If your family is struggling with general dysfunction, or a family member whose challenges (addiction, defiance, mental illness, etc) are creating difficulties for your entire home, counseling can be a productive part of the solution. We can provide ongoing support as everyone learns and practices new ways of relating to one another so that love and connection can grow.

If you know someone with a severe addiction or mental health issue and are considering having an intervention in order to get that person to enter treatment, we are experienced in working with families to determine if this is a helpful course of action, and can provide support in planning and staging the intervention if it is, as well as educate you on treatment types and facilities and help ensure a smooth transition for the person should they agree to go.